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Estate planning is not just for the fabulously wealthy or people in their twilight years. You may be in the prime of your life, but what if you became seriously ill or got hit by the proverbial bus?

Every couple or individual should have a will and estate plan, regardless of age, health or assets. As uncomfortable as the subject may be, these documents protect you and give your loved ones direction in the event of you incapacity or death.

I am attorney Angela Hansen. My Rockville law practice serves a diverse array of clients in Montgomery County, including owners of small and family-owned businesses and average working-class people. I can walk you through various scenarios to identify your goals and preserve your wishes in writing.

Montgomery County Wills, Trusts And Power Of Attorney

Estate planning is not a do-it-yourself project. These important documents must be individualized, crystal clear and legally sound. My experience and background enables me to address the legal, financial, business and spiritual considerations of my clients in creating:

  • A will — Your "last will and testament" to declare your heirs and what each will inherit, and your wishes regarding funeral, burial or cremation
  • Trusts — Setting assets aside to bypass probate, protect family wealth, stipulate inheritance or provide for a family member with special needs
  • Power of attorney — Designating a trusted person to manage your finances and personal affairs if you are unable
  • Health care power of attorney — Granting access to your medical records and decision-making authority on your behalf
  • Advance directive — A "living will" that spells out your wishes regarding end-of-life care
  • Guardianship — Nominating godparents, grandparents or other family members to care for your minor children if both parents are deceased
  • Business succession — Formally passing a family business to your spouse or children, including powers of attorney to run the operation
  • Medicaid planning — Transfers, gifts and other strategies to transition wealth to heirs without losing eligibility for Medicaid coverage nursing home care

Without a will, the state of Maryland will distribute your assets according to a statutory formula, with unintended consequences. Without powers of attorney and other documents, your loved ones may be helpless to act on your behalf or carry out your wishes.

I provide comprehensive but affordable plans to give clients peace of mind that their affairs are in order. For a free consultation with a Rockville estate planning lawyer, call 301-690-0383 or 800-684-1247 for a free consultation, or contact me online.

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